February 3, 2011
Re: Hypercat Retul Bike Fit

I just wanted to let you know that since you “dialed in” my bikes my overall comfort has improved immensely. I am now riding my Tarmac on longer rides (over 40 miles) and it is no longer beating me up like it used to. As I originally told you when I came in, I thought all my aches and pains were normal and age related. I am really impressed with the end results of your fitting procedure. I have been talking about it with all of the guys I ride with and I am confident that at least a couple will be coming in to see you. Just checking in. Thanks.

C.Buzz Nuckols, Ventura, CA

November 29, 2009
Re: Ironman Arizona
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks for all of your help and support over the last several months in preparation for IM AZ. Race day was an absolutely perfect day for me.  The fact that I missed a time in the 14’s by only 29 seconds exceeded my wildest expectations for what was my third triathlon ever (and my first marathon in 10 years)!  That wouldn’t have been possible without all of your insight, advice, and encouragement.  Thanks so much.

Mike N, San Francisco, CA

Ocotber 10, 2009
Re: ITU Duathlon World Championships

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the great duathlon training plan.  It was so helpful and I was very happy with my results at WORLDS.  I did a PR in the 10k and my bike split was awesome as well, even in the pouring rain.  I will be certain to remember you guys in the future. Thanks again and I have attached a picture of me at the finish and biking in the rain!!
-Erica, Team USA Duathlete

October 7, 2009
Re: ITU Duathlon World Championships
Thanks so much! It was my second duathlon and had a blast-despite the conditions, next up for me is my first ironman in florida next month! Thanks for all your help.
-Kelly, Team USA Duathlete

October 7, 2009
Re: ITU Duathlon World Championships
The training program was indeed thought out and tailored to duathletes.  Thank you for the coaching program.
-Dick, Team USA Duathlete

September 12, 2009
Re: Bike Fit
I want to say that Phil pulled through for me with the bike fit and getting me dialed in on the bike. No joke. Your husband helped me fall in love with riding again. I ended up doing the team event at Pac (bike) and unless my computer was wrong, I averaged 22 – 23mph over the course. Its the fastest that I’ve EVER ridden over 20+ miles. And, thanks for the past training and tips. I use them often and clearly I am getting great results. You both ROCK!!!

September 28, 2009
Re: ITU Duathlon World Championships

Well…..I did it in 2:15:21!  And my 10K was in 43 min!  The day was great!  I felt great and I think had a great race!  I finished 15th in my division…getting that 10K under 45 was sweet!   Thank you so much again for setting up my plan…..it totally paid off!   I will send you some pics later when I get them loaded up!
-Becky, Team USA Duathlete

June 2, 2009
I’ve seen incremental improvements and adjustments over the years I’ve used your programs.  One thing that I like about the programs is that they include optional workouts for variety or individual tastes, periodization, as well as a good combo of endurance vs. speed vs. strength.

I have found that all are critical to maximize performance while minimizing acute (and overuse) injury, especially with limited training time, and the Hypercat balance of endurance vs. speed vs. strength is pretty darn close to what I’ve found works best for me (when I develop my own program).  The added benefit is that I don’t have to think of a program and worry about my guesses – sometimes it’s nice to have someone else design a program and I just have to execute (for the most part – obviously, I adjust as suits my needs).  My wife has even commented that I am “calmer” when using the Hypercat program – she thinks I am more confident when I head out the door and not second guessing myself.
-Doug, Team USA Duathlete

May 5, 2009
Re: Wildflower
A big thank you to you all at Hypercat for your coaching and support through the training and also at the wildflower. You run a very good organization. It was great to meet some of you at the event last weekend. You’re all so friendly. Thanks for helping me get trained with confidence to complete such a wonderful event.
– Peter.

Re: Bike Fit
Knowledgeable, kind, I felt very comfortable. Gained some triathlon, biking guidance beyond just pertaining to the bike fit. Phil was very honest and provided some sound advice.
-Yuko, San Francsico

Re: Bike Fit
Phil was great!  He took so much time understanding what kind of rider I was and what kind of riding I expected to grow into and took everything into consideration when adjusting my bike.  I love the fact that he explained why and took time to teach me something new between adjustments!
-Todd, San Francisco

Re: Ironman Lake Placid
Rachel, thank you for all your help and great coaching.  Without your help I would be up the creek without a paddle!
-Ray, New York

Re: Wildflower Triathlon Training
This weekend I noticed something and just wanted to tell you and say thank you because I think you are mainly responsible.   We did the paradise loop and both Joe and I noticed that my fitness level has improved dramatically.  I felt and performed MUCH better up hills and also felt faster on the flat sections.  On Sunday we did one of the hardest runs I’ve done and again, felt better than I ever have on a run like that.
I attribute most of this improvement to your coaching over the last few weeks.  Yes, I’m the one out there for hours running, biking, and swimming but before I didn’t really have any focus.  I think it’s your direction and coaching that has helped give my efforts some purpose and better yet – results! THANK YOU for making this process more fun and rewarding!  It makes such a difference when you feel your efforts are paying off.
-Kimberly, San Francisco

Re: Ironman coaching
Hi Rachel, Good news! I finished Ironman with a time of 13:10. All in all it was a great experience and my training really paid off. I owe you a tremendous debt. Thank you, I will give you a call when I get back to Beantown.
-Kevin, Boston

Re: Century Coaching
Hey Coach Phil, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get a second century under my belt. I really wanted that ride, and it was so great to be able to go out and do it on Sunday. It just meant so much to me.
-MC, San Francisco

Re: Marathon training and coaching
I ran the Tuscon marathon today in 3:36.  About 20 minutes faster than my PR! Thanks for all of your help. What am I going to train for next? Boston, of course! Thanks!
-Cory, San Francisco


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