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Training intelligently with a properly organized training strategy is key to the advancement of your fitness in endurance sport. Your ability to rebound, recover and be ready for the next day of training is a key separator among competitive athletes. Strategies to accelerate recovery include optimized nutrition (pre-during-post), adequate sleep, regular body work and equipment that is sized and fit properly to you (ie bike fitting). A great way to bridge deep tissue therapy appointments is to do self-myofascial release work using implements like a foam roller, TP massage ball, the Stick or Tiger Tail. Another method of accelerating your recovery in through the use of gradient compression as conducted through a unit like Recovery Pump. Here is how the Recovery Pump works.


I’ve used my Recovery Boots over the past few years both as part of my triathlon training recovery regimen but also during pregnancy to ward off swelling in my legs and ankles. I never had issues with edema and my legs felt great even through my third trimester!

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2011 USA Triathlon Southwest Region Championship Event Calendar

Planning your 2011 race calendar?

Toe the line with some of the region’s best athletes!

Need help in preparing for your next event? Hypercat Racing offers expert coaching and multisport performance training programs for duathlon, triathlon, aquathlon and aquabike.

2011 USA Triathlon Southwest Region Championship Events

Duathlon Championship: Desert Classic Duathlon
Date: 2/20/11
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Collegiate Championship: March Triathlon Series
Date:  3/27/11
Location: Arroyo Grande, CA

Intermediate Distance Championship: San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island
Date: 7/9/11
Location: San Francisco, CA

Aquabike: Vineman Half Aquabike
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Website: 7/30/11

Youth/Jr Championship: Santa Cruz Sprint Triathlon
Date:  8/13/11
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Sprint Championship: Pacific Coast Triathlon
Date:  9/11/11
Location: Newport Beach, CA

Club Championship:  Bakersfield Triathlon
Date:  9/17/11
Location: Bakersfield, CA

Long Course Championship:  Pumpkinman Triathlon
Date:  10/15/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV


January News and Announcements

  • We are proud to announce our partnership with TriCalifornia Events. Hypercat Racing will be providing 12 and 16 week training programs for TriCalifornia’s Wildflower MTB Sprint, Olympic and Long Course Triathlons.  Also, plans will be available to help you prepare for the triathlons at Pacific Grove, Scott Tinley’s adventures and the San Francisco Triathlons (Formerly the Treasure Island triathlons).  

  • Welcome aboard to the Genentech Triathlon Team. The hardy six man crew of Randy Schwemmin, Arjun Reddy, Jeff Cisneros, Raymond Fecteau, Merhawi Redda and Fadel Hamed will be training for the UVAS South Bay and San Jose International Triathlons. 

  • Hypercat Racing has earned the right to be called a Bay Area Green Business in Contra Costa County.  Hypercat Racing will be recognized during a special reception on March 18, 2008 in Martinez, CA. As part of our commitment to the environment, Hypercat Racing will regularly present tips for Green living as well as recommendations on vendors and companies that share the green approach to living and business. 

  • Hypercat Racing announces a partnership with PacWest Athletics.
    Bay Area athletes now have the opportunity to enjoy the cameraderie of group training in a coached supervised setting along with accompanying professional level training program design. Hypercat Racing will be providing the training programs that power PacWest Athletics TriPac and Ironpac programs in 2008. Please email us at Hypercat Racing for more information.