Product Review: Spry Natural Oral & Dental Care

Throughout my life I have made it priority one to make healthy choices. Initially it was all about me. I wanted to build the strongest, healthiest body possible. A competitive runner turned professional triathlete I made it a point to make what I thought were the best choices and product purchases for optimal health.  In 2011 when I became pregnant and earned the title of mom, my zeal for making healthy choices became more focused on the health of my child. This meant closely examining anything that I put in or on my body.  During my pre-natal and post-partum phases, I truly became familiar with how powerful marketing and product labels can be. Many products I chose were not exactly as ‘healthy’ as they claimed to be.


What makes a product ‘healthy’ goes a lot deeper than claims or pretty pictures of flowers and herbs on the product label or in advertisements. To really know if a product is good for you (and even good for the environment) you have to dig a little. Reading labels and getting familiar with ingredients in a big step towards debunking what products are healthy and those that are posers. I started looking more closely at food labels, then cosmetics and personal care.


In my quest for optimal health (a mission that kicks in overdrive when you approach a certain birthday milestone, beginning with 4 and ending with 0), I have become very interested in oral and dental health. Many illnesses and conditions have been linked to poor oral health.  Call it serendipity, but right around the time I scheduled my first dentist appointment, I got the opportunity to test the toothpaste, oral rinse, gum and mints from the Spry Dental and Oral Care Product line made by Xlear.


Just some products from the Xlear dental and oral health care line. Have sinus issues, they have products for you!


The Spry products are made with xylitol, a natural sweetener that not only tastes pleasant, but has unique dental benefits that promote oral health. Xylitol is occurs in small amounts in nature in fruits, veggies and mushrooms. Xylitol is also produced in our bodies as a natural by-product of normal metabolism. Using products with Xylitol like the Spry toothpaste, oral rinse, gum and mints help to promote healthy gums, reduce the risk of tooth decay.


When I first opened my box of Spry products, I’ll admit to being overwhelmed! I had never heard of Xylitol before and that made me a bit uncomfortable. In order for my test to be effective I needed to stop using my current toothpaste and mouthwash and begin chewing gum post meals and taking mints, too. The day I was to start my trial was also the day of an appointment with my new dentist, Dr. David Satnick.  During my patient interview and exam, I asked Dr. Satnick about Xylitol. He was quick to give his stamp of approval to products made with Xylitol. He then handed me a goodie bag with a new toothbrush and samples of Spry gum! With the confidence that comes with my dentist’s approval I began my trial.


Spry gum samples at the front counter of my dentist’s office.



I brushed at least twice daily with the Spry toothpaste and swished with the Spry Oral rinse. The first thing I noticed was how pleasant the products were to experience. I really like the Spry Oral rinse. No burning! I have sensitive gums and I was so pleased to brush my teeth and rinse without discomfort.  My teeth and mouth looked and felt clean.







In addition to brushing and rinsing, I made it a point to chew once or two pieces of Spry gum after each meal or snacks. I’m not usually a gum chewer, but to get the positive benefit of the Xylitol you need only chew for five minutes or so – totally doable. I found that the refreshing taste of the peppermint or spearmint was a nice pick me up, too. (The gum also comes in cinnamon, fresh fruit and green tea flavors).



I used the mints a bit less, usually once a day as I was busy talking or chewing the rest of the time! Like the gum, I enjoyed the pick-me-up favors. I tried peppermint and berry blast. The mints also come in cinnamon and lemon blast.


I keep Spry mints and gum at my desk, in my car and in the diaper bag, too!


I started testing the Spry Dental and Oral health care products at the end of February. My test products were free.  I’m still using all of the products today, over two months later and plan to continue to do so. I am purchasing the Spry products because they are effective and healthful. I like that Xylitol is natural and that there is a complete system to help you manage and care for your oral health. Healthy teeth and healthy gums are key to a healthy body. The fact that my dentist, a highly regarded man in his field, recommended the products makes using Spry products a no brainer.



Don’t leave your oral care to chance. Picking up toothpaste or mouthwash that is on sale is not an effective strategy for the best possible oral health care.  Xylitol is natural, tastes great, is clinically proven and endorsed by dentists, pediatricians, medical doctors and health professionals across the globe.  Give the Spry products a try. You already eat well, workout and do other goods things for your body. Why not do the same for your smile?  Visit:  and follow @xlearinc on twitter.

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