Tower 2 Tower Stair Climb presented by Oxnard Fire Explorers Post 9244


Tower2TowerOn June 1, 2014, the Oxnard Fire Department Explorer Post 9244 will host the second annual Tower 2 Tower Stair Climb. The Stair Climb is a fundraising event held in partnership with the Oxnard Kiwanis Club.  The Oxnard Fire Explorers is a youth program open to young men and women ages 15 to 21 who are interested in the fire service. 

Participants will start by climbing the 14 story tower both up and down the stair wells. Then will race across the parking lot and ascend the stairs and finish on the roof of the larger 22 story for the finish.

The Tower 2 Tower stair climb raises funds for the equipment and training needed to continue providing this opportunity for the youth. participants 10 years and older are invited to sign up and participate in the stair climb. 

In addition to the stair climb, there will be a public safety day with demos from the Fire Department, Police Departments, K9’s and other Public Safety teams through the county.

For more information please contact Engineer Chad Carroll or call 805.701.2731.

Sign up at: Entry: $30.00