Recover from Training Faster with Recovery Pump Recovery Boots – Promo Code: HYPERCAT

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Training intelligently with a properly organized training strategy is key to the advancement of your fitness in endurance sport. Your ability to rebound, recover and be ready for the next day of training is a key separator among competitive athletes. Strategies to accelerate recovery include optimized nutrition (pre-during-post), adequate sleep, regular body work and equipment that is sized and fit properly to you (ie bike fitting). A great way to bridge deep tissue therapy appointments is to do self-myofascial release work using implements like a foam roller, TP massage ball, the Stick or Tiger Tail. Another method of accelerating your recovery in through the use of gradient compression as conducted through a unit like Recovery Pump. Here is how the Recovery Pump works.


I’ve used my Recovery Boots over the past few years both as part of my triathlon training recovery regimen but also during pregnancy to ward off swelling in my legs and ankles. I never had issues with edema and my legs felt great even through my third trimester!

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Hypercat Racing – Grand Opening – Ventura, CA

Hypercat Racing Bike Fit Studio & Tri Shop

Hypercat Racing celebrates its Grand Opening in Ventura, CA!

We are excited to announce Hypercat Racing’s upcoming Grand Opening on January 13, 2011 between 4p-9pm.

4160 Market St, Suite 13

Come by, say hi and take a tour of our studio! We will have refreshments and schwag for all!

Find out why Hypercat Racing provides the best triathlon coaching, triathlon training plans and best professional bike fit to athletes in Ventura, Ojai, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Newbury Park and far beyond!