Hypercat Racing is an endurance sport coaching and bike fit company serving endurance athletes in the sports of swimming, cycling, running, duathlon and triathlon. Based in Ventura, Calif. Hypercat Racing offers bike fit services, bike sales, private coaching, group coaching and training, clinics and training programs online. Led by the husband and wife team of Philip and Rachel Sears Casanta, Hypercat Racing serves athletes worldwide via the web, locally in California and at camps, clinics and race events across the United States.

Please visit our website at: www.hypercat.com

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Phil –

    You fitted me for my bike back in ’04 after I lotteried into Kona . . . bike fit worked very well and I finished the race okay.

    Now I’ve got a new Fuji Team bike and need to get fitted, both for road riding and an aero position. I was searching your blog here for your email addy, but can’t seem to find it . . . hope this finds you.

    In any case, if you could shoot me an email so we can schedule a fitting, that’d be awesome – thx.

  2. Hi Ron,

    It is great to hear from you! Congratulations on your race in Kona. Coach Phil will be in touch shortly to get you set up for a bike fit appointment.

    Also, we have added contact links to this blog page. Thank you for alerting us to the need!


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