Taking Risks, Living and Loving Life

Yesterday my husband and I attended the wedding of a close friend. We had the pleasure of sitting at a table that was comprised of this person’s friends from throughout his life. After sharing our stories of how we met our friend all of us shared examples of talents that this man possesses and pursuits he has accomplished thus far in his life. Some of the following accomplishments came out in conversation:

Real estate professional, lawyer, screen play writer, martial artist, pilot, scuba diver, open water swimmer, curler (yeah, as in the Olympic sport of curling), magician, Toastmaster, ballroom dancer, triathlete and the list goes on and on. What is so amazing about this individual is not necessarily the accomplishments per se that he has achieved but that he has always taken on challenges without fear of failure or worry about the outcome. You see, each one of these pursuits were not easy or a given feather in his cap. He has had to (and continues to) take risks that stretch his talents, skill sets and comfort zone. Our friend truly lives life to the fullest.

I ask you what could you do or what would you do if you didn’t worry about failure, the outcome or what anyone would think of you?

The wedding, as many are, was a beautiful affair and a lovely joining of two lives. As much as I enjoyed our friend, his new bride, their families and making new friends I came away from the celebration with a new found inspiration of what is possible. The only limits are those that you put on yourself.

Take those words with you into your workouts these week, but more importantly into all aspects of your life. I think you will be amazed by the outcome.

I’ve updated your log from last week with my comments and look forward to hearing how you are doing and the latest news.

Make it a great day!
-Coach Rachel


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