Professional Bike Fitter – Best of the Best!

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with athletes and help them to achieve their true potential. Below is a recent note from one of our bike fit clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. She made the trip from San Jose, CA to Ventura because she wanted to work with the best of the best bike fitters, Philip Casanta.
From R. Charlton, January 26, 2012

Hi Phil,

I just wanted to let you know, I FINALLY went on a decent ride on my fit. I was the English one that drive down from SF on my way to San Diego for xmas. I rode once in SD and was fine, but due to more travel and excessive rain, I hadn’t been back out for a longer length ride.

I did Paradise Loop from Sports Basement today and everything felt GREAT! My back has had a month or so to heal and didn’t hurt at all while riding. My roommate even commented how straight my back was and she hasn’t seen the pictures from the fit yet. THANK YOU! It really was comfortable. The narrower handle bars feel great too.

I still hunch my shoulders, but I did a pretty good job of “taking a deep breath and relaxing them” like you told me. I think I need to add a sticker to my handle bars saying that!

I bought some wipes to clean my bike like you suggested and it looks great!

Also, I signed up for Solvang, so I’ll see you there and *maybe* I’ll have you help me with aerobars.

Hope you and Rachel are doing well and that Rachel is feeling well with the pregnancy,



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