ISM Saddle – Demo at Hypercat Racing

ISM Saddles

Demo ISM at Hypercat

Find out why the top age groupers and professional triahletes choose ISM saddles.  Race proven over and over, comfort = performance!

Whether you are looking for improved comfort, performance or health, the ISM saddle is well worth the try. You can demo an ISM Saddle during a pre-fit bike fit session, or during a Retul road or aero bike fit session.

Hypercat Racing is an ISM saddle dealer and demo center. We have four ISM saddles available for you to test.
1. Racing
2. Road
3. Breakaway
4. *New for 2011* – Time Trial

Schedule an appointment or contact, Philip Casanta, Hypercat Racing’s bike fit specialist and biomechanist for more information at 805-477-0353.

Hypercat Racing is located at 4160 Market Street, Suite 13, Ventura, CA.

The ISM website

Various ISM Reviews:

“100% Blood Flow to Perineum Area with ISM Saddles”

“ISM Adamo Breakaway Saddle Review”

“ISM Adamo Podium”

“My Review: ISM Adamo Racing Saddle”

Professional Triathletes who ride ISM Saddles:

Bella Bayliss
Stephen Bayliss
Laura Bennett
Hillary Biscay
Leanda Cave
Julie Dibens
Sarah Haskins
Heather Jackson
Michellie Jones
Becky Lavelle
JoAnna Lawn
Kim Loeffler
Amanda Lovato
Michael Lovato
Samantha McGlone
Sarah McLarty
Angles Naeth
Raynard Tissink
Laurel Wassner
Andy Potts
Alex McDonald


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