Exercise of the Week – Plank / Side Plank

Here is a no frills exercise that every athlete should incorporate into their strength training regimen – the plank and side plank.  It doesn’t require any equipment and is an effective way to increase your core strength and stability!


1. Keep your torso straight and your body in line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending.

2. Head is relaxed, in line with your spine and looking at the floor.

3. Hold this position for :10 to start, then go for :30, :45 or :60.

Side Plank

1. Start by lying on your side on the floor.

2. Position your elbow on the floor, beneath your shoulder.

3. Raise your body up, supported by your lower arm and keep your body strong and straight from head to toe. You can place your top arm on your hip (as pictured) or lay it along the top of your body.

4. Hold this position for :10, lower your hip to floor and repeat 3x. Build up to :30, :45 or :60.

5. To progress this exercise lift your top leg towards the sky. Repeat ten times in a slow, controlled manner and return to the start position.


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