Watch your language!

bad language

Have you ever taken stock of the language you use in the pursuit of your triathlon adventures?

Was that you who quietly mumbled the “s-word” when you got a flat at the start of the last weekend’s group ride?  Perhaps it was your cute little kisser that whispered the f-bomb when you dropped your chain (twice) on that same ride?  How about the torrent of expletives that raced through your mind when the dude driving the rusty El Camino nearly ran you off the road and scared the tar out of you in the process? Feeling guilty? Don’t.  You probably have memories of soap therapy or rants from your mom (or someone else’s mom) about your colorful choice of words.  We are talking about some other four letter words: “just,” “only,” and “…but, I.”

These three words have a sneaky way of eroding your confidence and diminishing your achievements on the training and racing course.

How often have you said “I just ran 3 miles today” or “I’m only doing a sprint triathlon this weekend?  How about “I rode my bike 20 miles, but I planned to go further.”

This “just, only, but I” language diminishes what you did accomplish.
Be proud of what you achieved and take ownership of it.  “I ran 3 miles today” “I am doing a sprint triathlon this weekend. “I rode my bike 20 miles.”  You did what you did and if you planned to go further or go faster, then do it next time. Don’t reduce your accomplishments or build in excuses with four letter language!

Celebrate life’s victories, even the little ones and kick “just, only and but, I’ to the curb.

-Rachel Casanta, Coach, Professional Triathlete / Hypercat Racing
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