Review: 3Bar Energy Bar


3Bar Energy Bar

An Energy Bar for Everyone!

The sports supplement and sports nutrition industry was estimated to have generated over $18 billion in sales back in 2007.  That isn’t the least bit surprising when you consider the endless shelves of nutritional drinks, supplements, chews, gels and bars that fill some stores floor to ceiling.  As a multisport athlete, what products do you choose?  Do you choose the companies that have the bucks to bribe you with their colorful marketing campaigns, go for the products used by the top pros, copy what your training buddies use, listen to your coach’s recommendations or simply buy whatever is on sale?  Regardless of your strategy, fine-tuned or haphazard, one this is clear, finding products that work for you, takes time, testing and experimentation.

Our bodies change and what products ‘work’ in training and racing can change too.  Even so, it just gets plain boring to eat the same flavors and the same textures while covering thousands of miles  a year.  Like a lot of athletes, I consider myself a nutritional guinea pig.  I like to eat and I love to test sports products! This is how I test nutritional products.

First, I will try the product (in this case, an energy bar) as snack or pre-workout meal.  This gives me an opportunity to evaluate taste, texture and to see how the product ‘sits’ with my stomach.   If everything seems to be a go, then phase two involves testing during non-critical training sessions.  Usually this means, trying a product on a 3-4 hr ride or in the case of a gel product, a 90 min to 2hr run.  If a product moves beyond phase two, I use it exclusively for a longer training block and see how I perform and recover from session to session.  From there, assuming that product is compatible with the distance I am racing, it may find its way into my race day plan.

For the purposes of this review, I tried the three flavors of 3Bar energy bars as snacks or pre-workout fuel sources.

What is a 3Bar?  3Bar is an all-natural energy bar created by Erin DeMarines based on an old family cookie recipe.  3Bar energy bars are vegan, wheat free, dairy free, gluten free, trans fat free, cholesterol free, GMO free and are full of all natural ingredients.  How many energy bars can make that claim?

I definitely don’t shy away from vegan, dairy or wheat free products, even though I don’t have a known intolerance to those ingredients.  Still, I do take pause and wonder if taste will be sacrificed for the greater good of the nutrition facts. Not so with the 3Bar!

I unwrapped a “Blueberry Blast” bar and it was gone faster than you can say yum- yum.  The bar has a nice, satisfying sink-your-teeth into ‘mouth feel.’  It had just the right amount of moisture hop scotching it over the countless dry and chalky energy bars on the market.  I could identify the ingredients (imagine that) as I wolfed down the bar.  Although I am particular to the blueberry blast flavor, I really enjoyed the cocoa crunch (peanut butter and chocolate) and tropical tri (almond butter, chocolate and coconut as well.  You can’t beat the nutritional profile, the ingredients or the fact that there is one very passionate, hard working athlete behind the product.
Give 3Bar a taste, I’d love to hear what you think!

(If you live or visit Ventura County, tell us if you would buy 3Bar.  When the time is right, we just bring 3Bar into the Hypercat Racing Coaching and Bike Fit Studio. )

Flavors tested: Cocoa Crunch, Tropical Tri & Blueberry Blast
Favorite: Blueberry Blast
Recommend: YES!


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