5 Tips for Fun in the Fall Training

Fall is a great time to change up your training.

As we enter the holiday season, the traditional multisport racing season is winding down. Perhaps you just finished a summer of racing or have recently completed your goal race of the year. Now what? The fall is a great time to change up your routine and mentally recover from the rigors of repetitive workouts.

1.  Change it up. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is changing and its time for you to change your routine! Vary your run route, your weekend ride or where you swim. Variety is the spice of life.  Avoid an end of the year rut!

2. Get flexible. Time is precious and few of us really give our body the time it needs with regards to stretching and flexibility work. Now is a great time to try pilates or join a yoga class. It will give you the opportunity to move overused muscles in ways you never thought possible. You’ll likely start next season with a healthier, stronger body.

3. Hit the trails. Get off the roads and concrete and get dirty! Get yourself to a local cross country race or enjoy a jaunt on trails at a nearby park. Running on trails is more forgiving on your legs and the varying terrain will give you a good workout while you are soaking up the scenery. Be sure to have appropriate run shoes for trail running. Vasque, Solomon and Montrail are favorites, but you’ll find offerings from other major shoe companies as well.

4. Try something new. Ever tried rock climbing? How about TRX strength traiing? Besides staying active and keeping a athletic routine that will keep your body moving and your mind clear, trying exercise in a new format may be eye opening in many ways. Even if you find that kick boxing or Zumba isn’t your thing, experimenting with other exercise formats will likely teach you something about your flexibility, strength and coordination. All of the lessons can be translated into adjustments for your traiing in 2011.

5. Keep moving, but do what you feel like doing or what sounds like fun! Training and preparing for endurance sporting events takes tremendous discipline and sacrifice. Allow yourself to wind down from this hard work and skip the guilt trip. In training periodization, we refer to this time as ‘transition’ as we move between race peak and the beginning of base training for 2011.


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