Vineman 70.3 Training Program

Vineman 70.3

Hypercat Racing offers training plans for the Vineman 70.3 Triathlon

You have a goal. You need a road map to get there.  While we believe that the best benefits are derived from the personal interaction and communication with your coach, a well designed training program can really get you off and running en route to achieving your goals.  Today we congratulate Chris Mayon of San Francisco, CA on his recent accomplishment at the Vineman 70.3 triathlon in Santa Rosa, CA.  Chris is a repeat customer of Hypercat Racing training programs. His note below is a tribute to his hard work and evidence of the quality invested in each one of our training plans. Way to go, Chris!

Note from Chris Mayon, 7/26/10.

I wanted to check in and let you know the training plan you put together for me did a wonderful job of preparing me for the vineman 70.3.  Overall the day went great.  I beat my goal of 6:00 hours with a 5:33 so can’t complain on that front.  It was a perfect first 70.3 event, an easy swim and fun bike course.
Thanks again for the tips along the way!  Good luck with you upcoming races!

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