Hypercat-fish inundate the Catfish Crawl

Chilly, refreshingly beautiful waters welcomed schools of open water swimmers to the first annual East Bay Catfish Crawl at Shadow Cliffs Park in Pleasanton, CA.  The April 25th event was put on by USA Productions, the same outfit responsible for other terrific Northern California multisport events including the Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon, Folsom Olympic Distance Triathlon and the Silicon Valley International Triathlon. 

Catfish Swim 2010

Mark Shearer finishes the one mile swim!

Stephanie Starr

Steph is all smiles before her first open water swim

Catfish Crawl - Hypercat Racing athletes
2 mile swim? Easy, breezy!

Hypercats Mark Shearer and Stephanie Starr competed in the one mile wetsuit event.
Mark Shearer – “1 mi – Wetsuit Open” – 31:31 – 3rd place M30-34
Stephanie Starr – “1 mi – Wetsuit Open” – 34:53 – 5th place F30-34

David Deal, Patrick James (hypercat alum), David Yurcovic and Rachel Casanta competed in the two mile wetsuit race. Full results are here.

David Yurkovic – “2 mi – Wetsuit Masters” – 57:34 – 1st M50-54
Patrick James – “2 mi – Wetsuit Masters” – 58:22 – 3rd M35-39
Rachel Casanta – “2 mi – Wetsuit Masters” – 59:06 – 4th F35-39
David Deal – “2 mi – Wetsuit Masters” – 1:06


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