Hypercat Bike Fit Feedback

Thank you to Gil Peretz for sharing his comments below.


Hi All,

After getting warm recommendations from Shai (thanks man!).
Guy Marom and I came back from bike fitting (yesterday), it’s a bit far away (Richmond), like one hour drive.

It was a very interesting and knowledgeable experience…!

It took couple of hours (we spent the entire afternoon there) for me and GUY, including small gear/wheels/brakes/handlebar adjustments that Phil has done on our bikes.

Guy and I went to Phil because of all sort of small pain that we had (knees, foot, lower back, neck, hips etc…)

As first goal we asked for comfort ride and as second goal we asked for efficiency.

After the fitting yesterday we took the bikes to test ride today on Mt Montebello…

The results are unbelievable for both of us – no pain -what so ever!!!

And an amazing comfortable ride, we still need to test the bikes on long flats (but I have no doubt that it’s going to comfortable as well)

It’s hard to believe that every millimeter counts – but it does!

Phil is an ex-pro bike racer, who really loves his work; he knows what he’s doing – an expert!!! (And a very nice guy)

I intend adopting him, and his knowledge, and consulate with him on every bike issue that I’m going to have.



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