Best Bike Fit in Northern California.

Best bike fit at Hypercat Racing

Best bike fit at Hypercat Racing

Coach Phil Casanta has conducted more than 1,000 bike fits over the past twenty years. Getting his start at Avery’s Open Air Bicycles in Ventura, CA during the 80’s, “Coach Phil”  has earned the reputation in the San Francisco Bay area as one of the best and most desired bike fitting experts. Coach Phil has conducted basic and advanced bike fits at various bicycle retail stores including Marina Cyclery, Start to Finish Bicycles, Pacific Bicycles and Transition Sports.

Over the past eight years, Coach Phil has offered his bike fit services exclusively from his studio at Hypercat Racing.  His services are ‘advertised’ by word of mouth and are sought after by athletes ‘in the know.’  Members of  the Golden Gate Triathlon Club and San Francisco Triathlon Clubs, look to Coach Phil to fit them annually in preparation for a wide range of events including big name events like Wildflower, the Escape from Alcatraz triathlons, San Francisco triathlons, Vineman and Ironman events.

Below are comments from two Hypercat bike fit clients that were posted on the Hypercat yahoo group this week.

I had my bike fit by Coach Phil and it made a huge difference. Not only was I more comfortable in the saddle but my power output also increased. This service is well worth it.
-M. Fleming

Just to add my two cents worth to the bike fit issue. I have had a number of bike fits over the years and recently, after moving to CA, four different fits with Coach Phil on four different bikes (tri, road, combined road tri, & commute). Just want to reiterate what Mark said, Coach Phil is the ultimate professional, taking whatever time in takes to get it perfect. Not only will you feel more comfortable and have better power output, you will also be less likely to get injured. It is definitely worth it to have a professional bike fit.
-H. Goodman

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