Jaguars Dig Deep at XC Championships

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

The tough-as-nails trio Krista Gon, Aline Bertrand and Nicole Wong represented International High School at the BCL League Cross Country Championships at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on Thursday. The girls faced racing the championships without the company and support of teammates Hadley Thayer, Abbey MacPhee and Foreste Peterson, but stood ready for the challenge.  Under the damp and drizzly conditions, the girls triumphed on the rain soaked course.
Listening to final instructions.

Listening to final instructions.

Captain Krista Gon, a ninth grader, has battled shin issues most of the season. Still, she has persevered and stayed committed to her team and the race. She has been able to maintain her fitness, in spite of a reduced training regimen. With great focus, Krista held her pace, averaging 8:33 per mile over the 5k-race course. Krista had an impressive finishing kick, giving it her all on the course.

Go Krista!

Go Krista!

Krista’s stats for the season so far:

10/30 – BCL Champs – 8:33 ave mile (3.1 miles)

9/16 – BCL Meet 1 – 8:33 ave mile
(3.1 miles)

9/10 – College Prep – 7:59 ave mile
(2 mile)




Freshman Aline Betrand has been to virtually every, single practice of the season and she hasn’t missed a meet. Aline celebrated her 13th birthday and didn’t miss practice. Her commitment shows, look at her improvement over the course of the season. Hard work = improvement! Way to go Aline.

Way to go, Aline!

Way to go, Aline!

Aline’s Stats

10/30 – BCL Champs – 8:38 ave mile

10/21 BCL Meet 3 – 8:38 ave mile

10/14 BAC Challenge – 8:54 ave mile

10/7 – BCL Meet 2 – 8:52 ave mile

9/16 – BCL Meet 1 – 9:05 ave mile

9/10 – College Prep – 9:07 ave mile

Ninth grader Nicole Wong is a key player on the girls team, bringing a lot of spunk and spirit. She likes to sprint and is learning that she can run fast over 3 miles. Way to go, Nicole. Nicole is on the right.

Just before the race.

Just before the race.

Nicole Wong
10/30 – BCL Champs – 9:39 ave mile
10/14 – BAC Challenge – 9:26 ave mile
9/16 – BCL Meet 1 – 9:19 ave mile
9/10 – College Prep – 9:12 ave mile

Our next meet is the North Coast Section Championships in Hayward on 11/22/08.

All photos are courtesy of Bruce Peltier – thank you Bruce!


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