Vineman Aquabike and Full Vineman Festivities

Wine is Nice!

Wine is Nice!

Coach Rachel Casanta made a soft return to racing with her entry into the Vineman Aquabike, a 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike. Rachel showed that she won’t give up or give in to the struggles with her back. She finished 3rd place overall women in the race.

Following the Aquabike, Rachel joined Coach Phil Casanta and Hypercat and San Francisco Triathlon club athlete, Tilden Moschetti to volunteer for the Full Vineman. The intrepid trio sprayed athletes with cool water, handed out cookies, fruit and drink from 2pm until 11pm on the run course.

Throughout the warm afternoon, many pictures were snapped to remember the day by.

Flavio and Rachel

Flavio and Rachel

Shower anyone?

Shower anyone?

Coach Phil kept athletes cool with a nice, quick roadside shower. By the end of the day, he was as wet from providing the ‘showers’ as the athletes who were showered!

Just a quick stop!

Bill Escobar of the Rincon Triathlon Club of Ventura also made  a quick pit stop and took a few moments to get a picture taken with Coach Rachel. Bill is the president of the Rincon Tri Club and does a lot to support and give back to the Ventura area community. As the night wore on, it got dark, but the fun continued.

Food is good!

Food is good!


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