Taking Risks, Living and Loving Life

Yesterday my husband and I attended the wedding of a close friend. We had the pleasure of sitting at a table that was comprised of this person’s friends from throughout his life. After sharing our stories of how we met our friend all of us shared examples of talents that this man possesses and pursuits he has accomplished thus far in his life. Some of the following accomplishments came out in conversation:

Real estate professional, lawyer, screen play writer, martial artist, pilot, scuba diver, open water swimmer, curler (yeah, as in the Olympic sport of curling), magician, Toastmaster, ballroom dancer, triathlete and the list goes on and on. What is so amazing about this individual is not necessarily the accomplishments per se that he has achieved but that he has always taken on challenges without fear of failure or worry about the outcome. You see, each one of these pursuits were not easy or a given feather in his cap. He has had to (and continues to) take risks that stretch his talents, skill sets and comfort zone. Our friend truly lives life to the fullest.

I ask you what could you do or what would you do if you didn’t worry about failure, the outcome or what anyone would think of you?

The wedding, as many are, was a beautiful affair and a lovely joining of two lives. As much as I enjoyed our friend, his new bride, their families and making new friends I came away from the celebration with a new found inspiration of what is possible. The only limits are those that you put on yourself.

Take those words with you into your workouts these week, but more importantly into all aspects of your life. I think you will be amazed by the outcome.

I’ve updated your log from last week with my comments and look forward to hearing how you are doing and the latest news.

Make it a great day!
-Coach Rachel

Blue is back, with plans to expand product line

Riding a Blue at Escape from Alcatraz

Riding a Blue at Escape from Alcatraz

Hypercat Racing is excited to share the news that Blue Competition Cycles is under new ownership and is ready to start shipping bikes to dealers.

As long time supporters (and riders) of Blue, we look forward to seeing more athletes ‘ride Blue’ in 2014!

Here is the link to an article about Blue posted today on Xtri.com.  Blue is back, with plans to expand product line.

Ironman Lake Tahoe – 2014 Race Entry & Training Package

Looking to earn your stripes as a long course triathlete and cross the line for your first Ironman finisher’s medal? If you are considering doing Ironman Lake Tahoe this coming September, how will you train to be ready for the unique demands of the course? Don’t risk the sacrifice of  your money and hours of training only to get to the starting line and end up one of the athletes who DNF because of  inadequate preparation.

Train with Hypercat Racing under the guidance of Coach Rachel Sears Casanta. Coach Rachel has a proven track record in coaching hundreds of Ironman triathletes who have earned successful finishes, personal bests and podium appearances. Whether Ironman Lake Tahoe will be your first or your fifteenth, make your hard work count and train with a program that integrates each of the components that you need to succeed at long course racing.

Check out the 2014 Race Entry & Training Package details on the Hypercat Racing website. Space is extremely limited. Don’t delay!

Hypercat Racing Sponsors UCSB Poor College Kids Road Races

Supporting grass roots cycling (and triathlon) is a cause near and dear to us. Without grassroots events and foundation building opportunities athletes don’t have the ability to gain experience and develop. Hypercat Racing is proud to once again have served as a sponsor of the UCSB Poor College Kids Road Races in Santa Maria, CA.

To learn more about Hypercat Racing please visit visit our website at http://www.hypercat.com. 


Training for Ironman Boulder 2014

Do you want to race in this year’s sold out Ironman Boulder triathlon? Hypercat Racing is currently offering a limited number of training and race entry packages for Ironman Boulder. Not only can you gain entry into this sold-out event, but you can also train effectively with a professionally created training strategy and regular feedback from Coach Rachel Sears Casanta. 

Check out the race entry & training package details for Ironman Boulder here.  Don’t delay. Spots are limited!


David Levine sets a new PR at Ironman Arizona. David reached the podium one again with his 4th place M18-24 finish.

2014 Piru Time Trial Race Calendar

Ready for the race of truth? Pull out your skin-suit, pointy helmet and your super aero rig (or at the very least just get thee and your arse to the starting leg with a working bicycle!) and get ready to roll in Piru!

Uncle Tren Race Productions puts on TTs monthly year round. Typically the TTs are on the first weekend of the month (except for July, when races are held the second weekend) with the 20km distance being held on Sundays from January to December. The 40km distance is added on Saturday starting in April and ending in September.

Click here for the 2014 Piru Time Race Calendar.

7 Key Questions to Answer Before Racing the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

The Escape from Alcatraz triathlon is one of the most famous triathlons in the world. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful city of San Francisco, this 1.5 mile swim, 18 mile bike and 8 mile run endurance challenge is favorite triathlon of many! While training for Alcatraz requires special focus and dedication, choosing the proper equipment and understanding how to safely and effectively take on the course are all keys to a successful escape.

If you are signed up and committed to ‘escape’, here are 7 quick (but very important questions) you’ll want to be prepared to answer to be ready to ‘escape’ on race day:

1. What equipment will use choose for the bike? Road vs Tri/TT bike? Gearing? Wheel Selection?

2. What gear will you use for the swim? Full wet-suit, sleeveless? Neoprene cap, double swim cap? Goggle choice?

3. Given the varied run surfaces what is the best shoe selection to best navigate the 8 mile run course?

4. What are the key landmarks to sight off of during the swim? If you know the names of those landmarks, will you recognize them from water level while swimming in the San Francisco Bay?

5. What is the best way to prepare for the cold temperatures of the San Francisco Bay waters?

6. How can you train effectively for the technical aspects of the bike course?

7. What are effective training methods to be ready for the infamous sand ladder?

For over thirteen years I have been coaching athletes to successfully escape on race day.  I have coached hundreds of athletes from all over the world to their best possible race day experience. For 2014 I have updated our 12 and 16 week training programs to get you ready for race day. Unlike many training plans, our Alcatraz triathlon program includes coaching support via Q&A throughout the program. Athletes also receive 16 weeks of newsletter full of tips and guidance to most optimally prepare for racing in San Francisco on this most famous triathlon course.

Take the guesswork (and worry) out of your preparations. Sign up today for the 16 week (starts 2/10/14) or the 12 week (starts 3/10/14) training program.

You will ESCAPE!
-Coach Rachel Casanta

-Rachel Sears Casanta is a professional triathlete and endurance sport performance coach. She has competed in 10 Escape from Alcatraz triathlons, including an age group win, three podium finishes and seven professional starts. Known for her blistering bike splits and runs, Rachel works with self-motivated athletes who are committed to giving their own personal best effort in life and on the race course.


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